Xmgrace Tips?

Saito Group (Open)

What is xmgrace ?

  • XMGRACE is a powerful tool used to plot 2D graph. In our Lab. almost all of us are using this software in order to graphical presentation of our calculation.

Some useful tips.

Here are some useful tips, which would be helpful for plotting graph.
  • How to run xmgrace ?
    • XMGRACE is installed on Flex machine. Do the following:
      - Log on to flex using ssh -Y user@flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp
      - Enter to the directory where the .dat file is located
      - run "xmgrace filename.dat"
  • How to Edit axes properties ?
    - Menu bar - Plot - Axis properties
    - Edit - select X axis - set start and stop values
    - scale - select any one from Linear / Logarithmic / Reciprocal / Logit according to your necessity
    - click invert - click on Apply button to see the effect.
    - select Main tab - Label string - write here axis label for X-axis

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