R. Saito Lab. Tohoku Univ.

Backup of news articles in the Saito-lab

  1. Congratulations! Shoufie-san got Aoba-Rigaku-Sinkoukai Award!(2018.3.13)
  2. Congratulations! Naomichi Sato-san got FNTG Young Scientist Award!(2018.3.11)
  3. Congratulations! Haihao-san's paper is selected as JPCM 2017 highlight!(2018.2.9)
  4. Congratulations! Shoufie-san got JSAP Paper Award!(2017.9.5)
  5. Congratulations! Nguyen-san got Aoba-Rigaku-Sinkoukai Award!(2017.3.13)
  6. Congratulations! Our paper is selected as JPCM 2016 highlight!(2017.2.9)
  7. Congratulations! Hasdeo-san married!(2016.11.5)
  8. Congratulations! Tatsumi-san got A3 Poster Award!(2016.11.2)
  9. The lab is introduced in Aoba Scientia.(2016.8.22)
  10. Congratulations! Sato-san got Harada Research Award!(2016.7.1)
  11. Congratulations! Sato-san got Tokin Award!(2016.5.13)
  12. Party for Ms. Sumino, Dr. Okuyama and Mr. Inoue!(2016.3.10)
  13. Congratulations! Nugraha-san has the 2nd baby!(2016.1.5)
  14. Congratulations! Izumida-san got Morita-kinen Prize!(2015.10.31)
  15. Congratulations! Ukhtary-san got Spotlight in his APEX paper! (2015.05.28)
  16. Congratulations! Guo-san and Teng-san got a baby! (2014.09.16)
  17. Congratulations! Izumida-san got JPS P\ aper Award!(2014.03.29)
  18. Congratulations! Sato-san got a new position!(2012.03.21)
  19. Congratulations! Sato-san got a poster award!)(2012.10.30)
  20. Congratulations! Nugraha-san has a baby! (2012.08.24)
  21. Congratulations! Dr. Chunxiao Cong Poster Award (2012.7.6)
  22. Congratulations! Prof. Millie Dresselhaus 2012 Kavli Prize (2012.6.1)
  23. 2012 A3 Symposium ( Updated)
  24. Congratulations! Prof. Izumida's 3rd baby was born! (2011.04.22)
  25. Earthquake: we are all safe. (2011.3.15).
  26. Raman book is published. (2011.2.1)
  27. Exciton Kataura Plot page is open for public. (2010.08.19)
  28. Dr. Sasaski-san's 2nd baby was born! (2010.04.22)
  29. Dr. K. Sato becomes an assistant professor (2010.04.01)
  30. Dr. Jin Sung Park, Dr. Li-Chang Yin and Mr. M. Furukawa left. (2010.03.25)
  31. R. Saito got a visiting professorship of Shanghai University (2009.12.08)
  32. Alex-san's baby is born.(2009.10.24)
  33. R. Saito got Somiya Award. (2009.9.22)
  34. Dr. Y. Sato got JMS Award. (2009.6.4)
  35. Wonton09, Abstact submission (2009.4.1)
  36. Total citation of the papers by R. Saito is now over 10,000. (2009.3.14)
  37. R. Saito got Japan Carbon Award (2008.7.17)
  38. The nanotube paper of Appl. Phys. Lett. 60, 2204 (1992) has now more than 1000 citation. Thank you again for your citation. (2007.1.26)
  39. R. Saito got Hsun Lee research award from IMR, China. (2006.10.25).
  40. Prof. Millie Dresselhaus got the Heinz Award (2005.5.2) See the official annoucement L'Oreal prize(2007.3), The Buckley Prize (2007.10).

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