Errata of the "Raman Spectroscopy in Graphene Related systems"

Last modified: Thu Jun 30 10:18:04 JST 2022

The errata of the book is listed here. I appreciate you if you could send any errors to us by e-mail.

Page 29 Eq. (2,27)

     2H_AB -> H_AB

Page 31 statement after Eq. (2.33)

     km/s -> m/s

Page 49 Question [2,6]

     Eq.(2,16) -> Eq.(2,15)
     Eq.(2,14) -> Eq.(2,13)

Page 60 Eq. (3,11)

     U^(i)_q' and u_i in the superscript. 

     Move from superscript to the normal position.
     A correct Latex form is

     {\bf u}_i = \frac{1}{\sqrt{N_{\Omega}}} \sum_{\bf k'}
     e^{-i({\bf k'}\cdot{\bf R_i} - \omega t) } {\bf u}_{\bf k'}^{(i)},\\
     \hspace{3mm}{\rm or}\hspace{3mm}
     {\bf u}_{\bf k}^{(i)} = \frac{1}{\sqrt{N_{\Omega}}} \sum_{\bf R_i}
     e^{i({\bf k}\cdot{\bf R_i} - \omega t) }
     {\bf u}_i,

Page 81 Eq. (4.11)

     The first line

     sin omega_0 t -> sin omega_i t  

Page 83 Eq. (4.14)

     Gamma_q should be moved from denominator to numerator
     so that the integration on omega gives I_0.

Page 84 Eq. (4.15)

     The ")" in both denominator and numerator should be just after
     omega_RBM. If 1/q_RBM = 0, I(omega) becomes Lorentzian.
     In the LaTeX, the following is a correct formula. 

     = I_0\frac {[1+(\omega - \omega_{\rm BWF})/q_{\rm BWF}\Gamma_{\rm BWF}]^2}
                {1+[(\omega - \omega_{\rm BWF})/\Gamma_{\rm BWF}]^2}\, ,

Page 106 the statement after Eq. (5.15)

     and the summation in Eq.(5.16)
     and the summation in Eq.(5.14)

Page 107 Eq. (5.17)


     \hbar^2 --> \hbar

Page 181 Eq. (8,2)

\omega_G - \omega_G^0 = (\Chi_T + \Chi_V) \Delta T

= (d w / dT )_T dT + (d w / dT )_V \frac {\partial V}{\partical T} Delta T


Page 312 Eq. (13,8)

The last exponential for the second term of C_s is missing.

..... C_S \left[ 1 - \exp \right( .... \left) \left]

(pointed by Dr. Casimir Daniel in 2022.6.28)

rsaito @ flex. phys. tohoku. ac. jp