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1. How to accept you as a foreign student and Post Doc.

Any people can have a chance for your future. But it does not aleays mean that you come to our group. However, if you consider seriously and if you study hard, any dream to come to Japan can be true. The following page is a description for you for each case of visiting.

1-1 Send your CV after reading this page

If you consider to come to Japan as a foreign student or a post doctoral fellow, I appreciate you if you could understand our policy of procedure. Do not contact to us without reading this page. If you want to send your CV, please mention that you read "The page of Saito-Lab, PD and GS pages" and that you want to be either a JSPS fellow or an IGPAS student. The file name of your CV is NOT "my-CV.pdf" but "Family_Given_CV.pdf".

1-2 A hard worker is always welcome.

It is a golden rule that any good students and researchers are welcome and encouraged. A good student or a good researcher works harder than ours, 7 days per a week and 365 days per a year. They collaborate with other people in the laboratory, keep the laboratory always clean and help many things in the laboratory. They try to understand the Japanese way to live in the university and are patient for the different culture.

1-3 We have a lot of experience of foreign students

In our group we accepted students (number) from Austlia (1, Ph. D), U.S. (1 Ph. D), Russia (1, UG), China (3, Master), Vietnum (1, UG, 1 Master), Indonesia (2, Master, 2 Ph. D), Bangladesh (2, Master), Thailand(1, Master) German (2, UG) Iran (1) Brazil (2). and Post doc fellow from China (3), Brazil (1), Korea (1) Indonesia (1).

1-4 Our group is 100% theory group

Please understand our research field "Theoretical research on Carbon Nanotubes and nano materials": See details from published papers that you can find in this web site. We expect that you have a general information on carbon nanotube, solid state physics, computer especially UNIX (linux) and X windows system. Do not send us the e-mail that you want to do experiment in our group.

Do not come directly to us without appointment and do not call to us neither office nor home by telephone.

2. Coming as a Visiting Researcher

If you come to Japan with keeping a permanent job in your country, please contact directly to us by e-mail. We understand that you are the guest of our laboratory by your own reseach money. Please take a look of the Web page of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) for the support of the visit from Japan.

If you are a collaborator of our research, you do not need to read this pages.

3. If you wish a Post Doc. of our group

For a moment, we do not have a plan to find PD position for you. Try to get a JSPS fellowship. . You can send your CV.

3-1 Japanese professor can not use a research money for Post Doc.

Professors in Japan do not have special money to accept for a post doctoral fellow except for some special projects. If a researcher will be a post doc in Japan, they should apply the scholarship of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science). Please read the JSPS program and then contact to us. We are happy that we will be a supervisor of the program if your interest matches our project.

If you want apply a JSPS fellowship, I appreciate you if you could fill the JSPS application form and send the copy of that to us. An additional information is desirable. We can answer by e-mail.

3-2 If you get JSPS PD position or any other scholarship

Please contact me by e-mail with your CV. If you are supported to come, the barrier of coming is not high.

4. If you want to be a Graduate Student

4-1 You must read this page at least one year before your time.

You need to take an entrance examination for being a graduate students. Please take a look Direct (division for international reseach and educational cooperation) , Graduate school, Tohoku Univ. Especially please take a look, so-called IGPAS course . The deadline of IGPAS course is usually the end of November but you need to contact the host professors at least in October before the application. Thus you need to contact some professors from September to October. (Note: not all professors can accept IGPAS students because of the their retirement and the conditions.)

4-2 Send an e-mail to Saito by answering the following

If you want to be a graduate student of our group, you must send an e-mail to me directly. Before your sending the e-mail, you need to answer that you read the following points.

  1. Our group is theoretical research group of carbon nanotubes.
  2. Fortran language programming is required (Any other language is not accepted for keeping our computor library).
  3. You need to contact to some foreign students in our group for getting more information BEFORE sending to Saito.
  4. CV with photo and age should be attached.
  5. The person who can not respond our request correctly but who requests us can not be generally accepted. Read e-mails every day.
  6. An e-mail starting to "Dear Sir" or any anonymous e-mail that is sent to 1000 professors in the world is not accepted since such an e-mail is not for a specific person. I am not a sir. And it becomes a SPAM mail.

Although language ability of Japanese is not required for the reseach or IGPAS course, you will need Japanese language for taking lectures for graduate students and life in Japan especially when you get the scholarship from Japan. If you do not have any language ability, you sometimes must take Japanese lessons in Japan. Speaking English is an important ability. The international examination for English is highly recommended to apply IGPAS.

5. If you wish to be a undergraduate student

5-1 four years full entrance of Tohoku University

You need to get a scholarship from Ministry of Education. Get any information of the scholarship from the ambassy of Japan in your country.

5-2 One year visit by JYPE.

We generally do not personally contact the student for accepting an undergraduate student. If you want to come to Japan from the undergraduate students for one year, then try to get information of JYPE.

5-3 Two weeks visit by Tohoku University

We accept summer intership even though we can not support your travel expense. If you wish to get the support, you need to apply Tohoku University summer programs. Check the web pages. The deadline is strict and once per a year.

6. Kenkyuusei (Reseach Students)

6-1 Our group does not accept any Kenkyuusei

Some students who graduate from the university in their own country wish to be Kenkyusei. Kenkyusei are non-authorized students but have a registration in the university. They sometime need to this position for extension of the student visa.

However Kenkyuusei is not encouraged since we have a not good history of kenkyuusei. Some kenkyuusei did not come to university at all but spend most of a time for earning a part-time job or for preparing the entrance examination. Although we had a trouble on the student, as a host professor we could not contact with them.

If one really wishes to be a kenkyuusei, he should take an examination by mail and then an examination in the laboratory. When they pass the examination, we will consider to accept the person as a kenkyuusei. Kenkyuusei should come to the laboratory every day and follow the rule of the laboratory.

7. Summary

We had many foreign students from many countries. It depends on the character of the person that the the program works well. Again if you work hard, you will always be welcomed.