Tian Yuan's visit to Rice University

Date: 2022.3.1-2022.8.30

Junichiro Kono' Lab at Rice University, Texas, USA

This page is for Tian-san to visit Rice University from March 1st to Aug. 30th, 2022. In order to check each step correctly, we will report here all information.

What Tian-san should do (from new to the past)

Updated by Tian on Jan. 14th 17:05

  1. Find the apartment in Texas and report.
  2. Enroll insurance for 7month (not yet 58,760JPY)(Tian will submit the information to the insurance company.)
  3. Report the flight information to JTB and Takahasi-san (Jan. 14th evening, Flight information reported to Takahashi-san, waiting for confirm)
  4. Set bank transer for the payment of apartment (not yet)
  5. Stop gas and water during the visit. but Do not stop electricity (not yet.)
  6. Covid certificate when Tian goes to Narita (informed by Takahasi)
  1. Using the document, get visa of USA (done on 2021.12.28 by Y. T. $200)
  2. Ask a document of visit to Rice University (done on 2021.11 by R. Saito, $300)
  3. Contact to Prof. Kono (done on 2021.11 by R. Saito) Done

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