This is Eric's logbook for Nano Japan project from 2012.6.3-2012.7.27.

updated 2012.5.18

Daily schedule

Goal of the project.

Consider the time evolution of a special vibration (radial breathing mode
RBM) of a single wall carbon nanotube after applying the local force at t=0
whose functional shape is a Gaussian in the real space. The time evolution
is given by differential equations and solution should be given by 
animation gif generated by Povray and Giam software. (by R. Saito 2012.5.18)
Keywords: Coherent phonon, radial breathing mode, carbon nanotubes, 
          Differential equation, Fourier Transform, Povray and Giam,    

Assignment for discussion

All appointment should be done by communicating each other
on what kind of subjects will you teach.
If Eric-san asks you what he needs, please answer it with cc to me.
If you do not have any material to need, please give him an easy question to solve.
If Eric-san could not answer this question, it means that your question is bad (need some knowledge).
If Eric-san can answer within 2min, it means that you gave not proper question (answer is trivial).

What does Eric-san want to k2012-05-18 (Fri) 01:02:05

please list here with some simple reason or detail. List from new to old.


Q2:  Copy machine: Can I use the copy machine or printer?  
A2: (not solved)  
Q1:  Libaray: I would like to know where is the library and how to use it. 
A1: (not solved) or (solved) Hasdeo-san brought me to the library directly etc. 


This part is basically written by Eric-san. Any other people can add this. Here the information should be from new to old so that we do not need to scroll.

June 5 (Hasdeo teaches XX and YY. from 9:00-9:34) etc

June 4

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