This is Eric's logbook for Nano Japan project from 2012.6.3-2012.7.27.

updated 2012.5.18

Daily schedule

Goal of the project.

Assignment for discussion

Please note:

All appointment should be done by communicating each other on what kind of subjects will you teach.

What does Eric-san want to

Please list here with some simple reason or detail. List from new to old.


Q2:  Copy machine: Can I use the copy machine or printer?  
A2: (not solved)  
Q1:  Library: I would like to know where is the library and how to use it. 
A1: (not solved) or (solved) Hasdeo-san brought me to the library directly etc. 


This part is basically written by Eric-san. Any other people can add this. Here the information should be from new to old so that we do not need to scroll.

June 5 (Hasdeo teaches XX and YY. from 9:00-9:34) etc

June 4

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