This is Eric's logbook for Nano Japan project from 2012.6.3-2012.7.27.

updated 2012.5.18

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All appointment should be done by communicating each other on what kind of subjects will you teach.

What does Eric-san want to

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Hey guys! So I believe this is where I should post questions. I don't have any specific questions today, but was just trying to understand Brillouin zones and Bloch's theorem, which appear a lot in Saito-sensei's book on Carbon Nanotubes.

From google I have an ok idea of what Brillouin zones are, but am still trying to figure out how they relate to the energy gap of the cell such as on page 28 of the CN book. I was also wondering how on page 47 the Brillouin zone can be a long rectangle instead of a polygon.

If anybody has words of advice for how to understand Bloch's theorem that would be great as well! Having a more qualitative descripion tion of these topics that would be really helpful when I try to re-read about them. Thanks so much and see you guys in a couple of weeks.


Q2:  Copy machine: Can I use the copy machine or printer?  
A2: (not solved)  
Q1:  Library: I would like to know where is the library and how to use it. 
A1: (not solved) or (solved) Hasdeo-san brought me to the library directly etc. 


This part is basically written by Eric-san. Any other people can add this. Here the information should be from new to old so that we do not need to scroll.

June 5 (Hasdeo teaches XX and YY. from 9:00-9:34) etc

June 4

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