Current status: Not finished yet. We succeeded to prepare PXE Server and now are ready to continue for connecting PXE client. 
Current status: Not finished yet, we have configured PXE server nicely. Remaining problem is network card of new-tube computer cannot be used for PXE client.

General explanation about PXE Server is given in [[another page:]]. Here we will specialize discussion for [[new-tube computers:]].

* Set a small subnet for testing PXE [#f0142583]

**What we need [#pe839496]
- A computer with linux operating system to be configured as a server. Here we use Fedora Linux. This computer should have at least two network interface cards (NIC). One of the cards will be used to connect our Local Network (i.e 172....) through which it will also be connected Global Network. In this situation this computer will act as a client of 172 network. The second NIC will be used for connecting other computers(clients) while it will work as a server (PXE server).
- Computer that acts as a client (to be connected with PXE server). For a checking purpose we need this computer to have SSH facility (it does not matter to use Windows or Linux. More clearly, if the computer runs with Windows then we need PUTTY or equivalent software to run SSH command).
- Network hub and cables.

**Checking [#r1faf503]
***Network setting [#j7b294ed]
- Turn on the hub, connect a network cable from Fedora Linux computer (PXE server) to the hub (e.g. to channel 1)
-Note: Form now we will address this Fedora Linux machine as PXE Server although it is not configured yet as PXE server.
- Connect again a network cable from the client computer (Windows/Linux) to the hub (e.g. to channel 2).
- Open Network configuration on PXE server using root privilege (i.e login or su as root). We should set network interface card that has been connected to the hub.
- Assuming the network card is eth8, select this card then Click on Edit and set the following:
-- IP Address:
-- Subnet Mask:
--After that activate this NIC if it is not already activated.
- PXE server has a local IP address eth9 by DHCP (to flex)
- On the client computer, set the IP Address by statically to be:
-- IP Address:
-- Subnet Mask:
-- gateway (specified by dhcpd.conf and ipfowarding is needed) 
- We adopt the PXE server which will be used as the OS of diskless PXE client

***SSH check [#tad4148a]
- Open SSH software on client computer, for example, Putty or any command line software:
 ssh username@
- If username is "nugraha" and hostname of server is "rsaito-necPC", we must get the following line after succesfully login:
it means that we can access the server from the client.

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