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(From left: Nakajima, Furukawa, Sumino, Saito, Park, Izumida, Sato, Sasaki 2008.4)

This page is the top of Wikipage of Saito Group, Tohoku Univ.
It is just open. We make password for editing the file.
For a page with "(Open)", this page is open for public.
If not, the page is only for Saito Group members.

**General Contents [#fa59e867]

-[[Startup for IGPAS Students (Open)]]
-[[How to edit this pages (Open)]]

**Programming Facility [#baba109b]
-[[IntelFortran and MKL Installation (Open)]]
-[[Fortran Compiler (Open)]]

**Computer Information [#sccab2e6]
-[[Windows network]]
-[[Linux Machines in Saito Group]]
-[[New-tube setting]]
-[[PXE Server (Open)]]
--[[for New Tube:]]
-[[Network Information System]]
-[[How to manage computers?:]]

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