Here is a daily log for Jakob Grzesik from 2017.6.5 to 2017.8.5 in Saito Lab in Tohoku Univ.


*Daily schedule (tentative) [#w23992ea]

- 09:00-09:30 Begin climbing to campus
- 09:30-09:35 Succumb to burning feeling in calves and take a break
- 09:35-10:00 Resume climb to lab
- 10:00-11:00 Finishing/continuing any work from previous day
- 11:00-12:00 Discussion with Shoufie-san
- 12:00-13:00 Lunch
- 13:00-13:30 Prepare for daily report presentation
- 13:30-14:30 Meeting with Saito-sensei
- 14:30-18:30 Start working on work for tomorrow's presentation and updating Pukiwiki

*Goal of the project [#v6c2b76f]

- Synchronization of particle motion

*Questions and Answers [#cf2dce22]

This section is for posting questions from Haihao-san and answers from other group members.

- Please list here with some simple reasons or details.
- For every problem, give a tag double asterisks (**) in the code so that it will appear in the table of contents.
- For the answer, give a tag triple asterisks (***) in the code below the problem in order to make a proper alignment.
- List from new to old.

**Q: (Placeholder) [#p895f04e]
***A: (Placeholder) [#q305cf42]

*Report [#l307fb28]

This part is basically written by Yakub-san. Any other people can add this. Here the information should be from new to old so that we do not need to scroll.

**August 5 [#h9a635cd]

To do:

**August 4 [#d370623d]

To do:

**August 1-3 [#s77b287e]

**July 31 [#k90f3d81]

**July 29 [#y8811abb]

**July 28 [#c922bf6b]

**July 27 [#w6ee8469]

**July 26 [#d1b2261b]

**July 25 [#uda7e806]

To do:

**July 24 [#l2d6ba8a]

**July 22 [#pbc05874]

To do:

**July 21 [#gbb2670e]

To do:

**July 19-20 [#j9ab6ad8]

**July 15-18 [#ue289e64]

**July 14 [#oae71d85]

To do:

**July 13 [#kd97c6c6]

To do:

**July 12 [#y50629bc]

**July 11 [#n6035f32]

To do:

**July 10 [#m4606a45]

**July 8 [#z4842272]

To do:

**July 7 [#k5bd683e]

To do:

**July 3-6 [#o2ba5fb8]

**July 1 [#le5bcf24]

**June 30 [#e7852171]

To do:

**June 29 [#z0c582d9]

To do:

**June 28 [#g9cdd8df]

To do:

**June 27 [#kbbb7e86]

**June 26 [#z40e08bc]

**June 24 [#sc1d1c33]

To do:

**June 23 [#v7050c05]

**June 22 [#t9d0a840]

To do:

**June 21 [#a66d9fdc]

To do:

**June 20 [#t023b203]

To do:

**June 18 [#y0774c6e]

**June 17 [#xc697d1e]

To do:

**June 16 [#n78ac706]

To do:

**June 15 [#r9bce1de]

To do:

**June 14 [#a7b2b2af]

To do:

**June 13 [#x5e79f4d]

To do:

**June 9 [#cde372e6]

**June 8 [#i5309127]

- Solved problem for HW and did some more exercises with Lagrangian mechanics and ODEs. 
- Learned about an example of synchronization phenomenon with Saito-sensei. Involved first getting equations of motion using Lagrangian mechanics, then applying Linear Algebra and differential equations. Ended up with 
- Worked on deriving Euler-Lagrange equation in systems with non-conservative forces.

To do:
- Begin learning how to plot equations effectively. JSXGraph looks very promising, but difficult to learn.
- Design programs to numerically solve differential equation systems. Start off with Euler's method, than build upon that to do the Runge Kutta method.
- Solidify understanding of EL in non-conservative situation to the extent that I can follow and present the derivation.
**June 7 [#p0ecbca1]

- Walked to campus, took the right path, so it only took about 25 mins to make it to the lab.
- Plotted results for last night's HW with varying parameters.
- Practiced getting equations of motion for more complicated systems using Lagrangian Mechanics.
- Considered systems with damping forces and modelled motion using differential equations.

To do:
- Apply linear algebra and ODEs to solve a general second order differential equations problem.
- Learn how to solve ODEs and linear algebra questions using python(Start with Euler's approximation method).

**June 6 [#u2633c67]

- Walked to campus, got lost at campus. Took about 45 mins.
- Finished working on HW about action and the Euler Lagrange equation
- Worked on learning about differential equations.
- Worked on applying Lagrangian mechanics to double pendulum. 
- Had lunch with Nulli-san at Espace Ouvert
- First "experiment": synchronization of vegetable can movement within a box due to forces exerted while carrying it and walking at a certain pace.

To do:
- Solve equations of motion for a box on a spring with some initial external force over a fixed period of time, both before and after external force is removed.
- Numerically solve ODEs in Python(perhaps using numpy and scipy packages).

**June 5 [#x0e34f61]
- Shoufie-san picked me up from Urban Castle Kawauchi, took me to campus by subway (International Center -> Aobayama, 250 yen ~20 mins total)
- Nugraha-sensei helped me set up lab server access, mail client, etc.
- Got a quick bento lunch on campus and ate with Saito-sensei who played his ukulele
- Learned about Lagrangian mechanics, specifically in the context of a simple pendulum.
- Learned a bit about the general solutions to second-order differential equations.

To do:

- Learn what "action" in physics is
- Derive the Euler-Lagrange Equation

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