Here is a daily log for Daria Satco from 2018.9.4 to 2018.11.29 in Saito Lab in Tohoku Univ.


*Daily schedule (tentative) [#j707648f]

- 09:00-11:00 Finishing/continuing any work from previous day
- 11:00-12:00 Discussion with Nugraha-san
- 12:00-13:00 Lunch
- 13:00-15:00 Prepare for daily report presentation
- 15:00-16:00 Meeting with Saito-sensei
- 16:00-17:30 Start working on work for tomorrow's presentation and updating Pukiwiki

*Goal of the project [#adbe3b51]
- To explain the origin of new peak in doped CNT optical spectra.

*Questions and Answers [#k8467fec]

This section is for posting questions from Jakob-san and answers from other group members.

- Please list here with some simple reasons or details.
- For every problem, give a tag double asterisks (**) in the code so that it will appear in the table of contents.
- For the answer, give a tag triple asterisks (***) in the code below the problem in order to make a proper alignment.
- List from new to old.

**Q: (Placeholder) [#h7180d5b]
***A: (Placeholder) [#h8e5e579]

*Report [#ud6b560a]

This part is basically written by Daria-san. Any other people can add this. 
Here the information should be from new to old so that we do not need to scroll.
**September 4 [#p6587163]
- Discussed with Prof. Saito and Nugraha-san, Shoufie-san the current state of the project.
- Created web-page for daily report.
- Added one more method for calculation of imaginary part of dielectric function in Nugraha's code.

To do:
- Check the dependence of dielectric function calculation on number of k-points and frequency points.
- Read Sasaki's latest paper, study and compare our results with his.
- Calculate joint density of states (jDOS).
- Study to run jobs on tube60.

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