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From left to right:
Ghalamkari, Shirakura, Nugraha, Nguyen, 
Saito, Sasaki, Hasdeo, Shirosaki, 
Izumida, Tatsumi, Pourya
Nguyen, Tian, Sake,
Sasaki, Saito, Shoufie,
Pang, Wang, Izumida

This page is the top of Wikipage of Saito Group, Tohoku Univ.
It is just open. We make password for editing the file.
For a page with "(Open)", this page is open for public.
If not, the page is only for Saito Group members.

**General Contents [#general]

-[[Startup for IGPAS Students (Open)]]
-[[How to edit these webpages>HowtoEdit]]
-[[English Textbooks in Saito Lab>Book-list]]
-[[Saito Lab's golden rules>GoldenRules]]
-[[2022 Tian's visit to Rice University (Open)]]

**Computer Information [#computer]
-[[Windows network]]
-[[Get Started with FLEX>GetStartedwithFLEX]]
-[[Login to FLEX>LoginToFLEX]]
-[[Linux Machines in Saito Group>Linux-Machines-in-SaitoGroup]]
-[[New-FLEX installation and configuration>FLEX2015]]
-[[New-FLEX installation and configuration>NewFLEX2020]]
-[[New-tube setting]]
-[[PXE Server (Open)]]
--[[for New Tube:https://flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp/english/pukiwiki-e/index.php?PXE%20Server%20for%20New%20Tube%20(Open)]]
-[[Computer maintenance>Computer-Maintenance]]
--[[Lab computer management>Managing-Computers]]
--[[Annual Shutdown>AnnualMaintenance]]
--[[Network Information System>NIS-Flex]]
-[[Fedora basic install>Fedora-Basic-Install]]
-[[ReadyNAS Duo]]
-[[FLEX states:http://flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp/mrtg/]]
-[[IP masquerading]]
-[[Old PC]]

**Useful Software and Settings [#programming]
-[[Intel Fortran Compiler>Fortran-Compiler]]
-[[CShell script configuration>CShellRc-Configuration]]
-[[MPICH installation and settings>MPICH]]
-[[GNUPlot Tips>Gnuplot-Tips (Open)]]

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