[started by Tareque and Nugraha, 2009.10.28]

** How to plot contour using gnuplot [#contour-plot]
Contour plot can be made with gnuplot, e.g.,  for the case of z = f(x,y). Electronic dispersion of a two dimensional graphite plane (graphene) is a good example of a contour plot. See the equations in Saito-sensei's CNT book. A general way to plot contour is by taking the data (*.dat) file format (e.g. graphene.dat).

*** Script: [#script]
- Please set your own x,y range and x,y label
 gnuplot> set contour 
 gnuplot> set dgrid3d 50,50,40 
 gnuplot> set cntrparam levels 20 
 gnuplot> unset surface 
 gnuplot> unset key
 gnuplot> set xlabel 'kx' 
 gnuplot> set ylabel 'ky' 
 gnuplot> set xrange [-8:8] 
 gnuplot> set yrange [-8:8] 
 gnuplot> splot 'graphene.dat' with lines 

- To make the surface square:
 gnuplot> set size 0.721,1 
 gnuplot> replot 

- Saving the gnuplot figure:
-- in png format
 gnuplot> set term png
 gnuplot> set output 'graphene.png'
 gnuplot> replot
-- in eps format
 gnuplot> set term postscript
 gnuplot> set output 'graphene.ps'
 gnuplot> replot
-- in pdf format
--- we must use eps as an input
 flex> epstopdf graphene.eps
--- the output will be graphene.pdf

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