[[Ramdisk on Linux (Open) ]]

** /dev/shm is flexible-sized ram disk [#xaf12b6d]

Fedora has the size changeable ramdisk /dev/shm.
By mounting, we can use this device at the fast speed.
-o size=128m specify the maximum size

 $ su
 # mount -t tmpfs -o size=128m tmpfs /dev/shm
 # ln -s /dev/shm ramdisk

** /dev/ramdisk is fixed size ramdisk. [#ib3da806]

$ su
# mke2fs /dev/ramdisk
# mkdir /mnt/ramdisk
# mount -t ext2 /dev/ramdisk /mnt/ramdisk
# df -h

mke2fs /dev/ramdisk noblock (= number of block) can specify the size.


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