[[Xmgrace Tips]]

[[Saito Group (Open)]]

* What is xmgrace ? [#pa96197f]
--XMGRACE is a powerful tool used to plot 2D graph. In our Lab. almost all of us are using  this software in order to graphical presentation of our calculation.
* Some useful tips. [#ged68b66]
 Here are some useful tips, which would be helpful for plotting graph.
-- How to run xmgrace ?
--- XMGRACE is installed on Flex machine. Do the following:
 - Log on to flex using ssh -Y user@flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp
 - Enter to the directory where the .dat file is located
 - run "xmgrace filename.dat"
-- How to Edit axes properties ?
 - Menu bar - Plot - Axis properties
 - Edit - select X axis - set start and stop values
 - scale - select any one from Linear / Logarithmic / Reciprocal / Logit according to your necessity
 - click invert - click on Apply button to see the effect.
 - select Main tab - Label string - write here axis label for X-axis

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