"Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes"


In this page, we show the known errata of the book that are pointed by the reader. The author appreciate the readers of the book if they find and notice misprint or errata of the book by e-mail to


Thank you.

 P.18 Eq. (2,3) N should be square root of N ( two times) 

 P.20 All N appeared above the sum symbols (\Sigma) should be n. 

 P.22 three lines before Eq. (2.15)

     b_1 = ( 2pi / a, 0, 0)
     - pi / a < k < pi / a

 P.23 Eqs. (2,16) and (2,17)

    H_AA (r) -> H_AA (k)

 P.46 in Table 3.3  d_R = d if (n-m) is not multiple of 3d
                         3d if (n-m) is multiple of 3d

 P.47 in Fig. 3.5   b_1 --> b_2, b_2 --> b_1 

 P.49 in Table 3.4  for B_1, B_2 irreducible representations, the
      characters are corrected as follows;

B_1    1  (-1)^j  -1   1   ...  (-1)^j-1    1   -1
B_2    1  (-1)^j  -1   1   ...  (-1)^j-1   -1    1

 P.63 In Fig. 4.4 (a) 

The 4th symmetry label from the top should be not e1u+ but e2u-.

 P.101 Eq.(6.19) .... A(R + lambda[R'-r]) d lambda

 P.102 Eq.(6.24): The "2pi*i {...}" should also be in an exponential. 

 P.104 Fig.6.2 p/q = 1/60 -> r/s = 1/60 

 P.218 line 2 

After deformation, the unit cell becomes three times as large as 
the original unit cell in the case of (a), while the unit cell 
does not change for (b) and (c). 

 P.232 A-2 Atomic coordinate for a (n,m) nanotube in the unit cell

      Use  this  one.