Somiya Award 2009

On September 22, 2009, R. Saito got Somiya Award from the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) with Prof. M. Dresselhaus, Prof. A. Jorio, Prof. A. G. Souza-Filho, Prof. M. A. Pimenta, Prof. M. Endo and Prof. M. Terrones. IUMRS Somiya award is given for every two years from IUMRS on the occasion of International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM). In 2009, ICAM is held in Rio de Janeiro from Sept 20-25, 2009.

at the 11th ICAM conference on 2009.9.22.

The IUMRS Somiya award honors an international research team that has collaborated across at least two continents, with the work being of the highest scientific quality with major impact. It is very appropriate that the 2009 Somiya award was given to a team spanning three continents including South America since this meeting is being held in Brazil. The winning researchers are Mildred Dresselhaus (USA), Ado Jorio (Brazil), Antonio Gomes de Souza Filho (Brazil), Marcos Pimenta (Brazil), Morinobu Endo (Japan), Riichiro Saito (Japan), and Mauricio Terrones (Mexico). These researchers collaborated significantly over the past decade in the general area of carbon nanotubes and contributed significantly.

Somiya Award 2009 pages

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