Parties @ Saito's Lab.

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We often have a party at the lab. It is cheap and it is friendly especially for free from of restriction of foods by the religion. Everybody should cook each food from their home country and we should not make the same food expect for the plain rice. Anybody in the condensed matter group are welcome to join at anytime.

We also have Hanami (cherry blossom) party (April), Imoni (poteto cooking) party (October), Year-end (December), and Graduation party (March) which are held by all condensed matter theory group and Summer Beer part by Department of Physics.

If you have photos of the parties, please send to Saito. Thank you.

  1. 2016.9.28 @ Hinano in Chris Load for Izumida-sensei, Pourya-san and Hasdeo-san

    We have a farewell party for Izumida-sensei, Pourya-san and Hasdeo-san

    Left Photo: From left, Tatsumi,Sato,Saito,Izumida,Kazu,Kaneko

    Right Photo: From left, Pourya,Shoufie,Sasaki,Hasdeo,Shirakura,Nguyen,Nugraha

  2. 2016.7.29 @ 838 for Guo-san and Haihao-san

    We have a party for Guo-san and Haihao-san

  3. 2016.6.10 @ 838 for Liu-san and Kaneko-san

    We have a welcome party for Liu-san and Kaneko-san

  4. 2013.7.23 @ 838 room for Pourya-san, Siregar-san, Shoufie-san and Pedro-sany

    We have a party for Rourya-san, Siregar-san, Shoufie-san (IGPAS) and Pedro-san (Brazilian gov. scholarship). We also celebrate Intan-san and her husband (IGPAS). Sumino-san's family (Yuri and Miyu) joined, too.

  5. 2013.7.23 @ 838 room for Ray-san, Nugraha-san (D) and Hasdeo-san (M)

    We have a party for Ray-san (Nano Japan student) who will go back to USA and Nugraha-san (D3) and Hasdeo-san (M2) who finished the thesis defence on 2013.7.23.

    Left Photo: From left, Mizuno, Thomas, Ray

    Right Photo: From left, Thomas, Sato, Mizuno, Hasdeo, Ray

  6. 2013.6.7 @ Zam-Zam (Indian) for Thomas-san and Ray-san

    We have a party for Thomas-san who came from Barzil on 2013.4 and Ray-san as a Nano-Japan student who came on 2013.6.2.

    Left Photo: From left, Hasdeo, Thomas, Ray, Nugraha, Mizuno, Saito

    Right Photo: From left, Hasdeo, Thomas, Ray, Nugraha, Mizuno, Saito

  7. 2013.3.21 @ Hinano For Sato-san

    We have a party for Sato-san who will move to Sendai National college from 2013.4.1.

    Left Photo: From left, Saito, Sato, Izumida, Nugraha, Tatsumi, Hasdeo, Mizuno

    Right Photo: From left, Izumida, Sato, Tatsumi, Hasdeo

  8. 2012.6.13 @ 838 room For Eric-san and Rakimof-san

    We have a party for Rakimof-san from Uzbekistan and Eric-san by Nano-Japan.

    Left photo: From the left, Rakimof (mixing rice) K. Sato, Tapsanit (Thailand), Moon (Korea), Oominato, Simon (German), Eric (back, USA) and Hasdeo (Indonesia).

    Right photo: From left, Eric, Hasdeo, Nugraha (Indonesia), Masuda, Rakimof.

  9. 2010.9.30 @ 838 room For Mahabubul-san and Tapsanit-san

    We have a party for Mahabubul-san who will go to other lab in the doctor course and Tapsanit-san who just arrive at the lab.

    Left photo: From the left, Tapsanit, Nugraha, Mahabubul, Tareque, Izumida, Sato, Endo, Ohya (Kawakatsu G), Prof. Kawakatsu.

    Right photo: From left, Nugraha, Tareque, Izumida

  10. 2010.3.25 @ Heiroku shusi For Furukawa-kun

    We have a party for Furukawa-kun who will go to Toshiba. After eating Sushi, we go to coffee shops for some additional sweets.

    Left photo: From left, Furukawa, Sumino, Park, LiChang

    Right photo: Furukawa, Tareque, Nakajima, Eguchi, Sumino, Nugraha, Mahabubul, Park, LiChang, Saito

  11. 2010.2.16 @ 838 room For LiChan-san's family

    We have a party for Prof. LiChang-san's family from China.

    Left photo: From left, Daughter, Wife of Prof. LiChang, Mahabubul, Park, Eguchi, Saito, Furukawa

    Right photo: Daughter, Tareque, Mahabubul, Park, Eguchi, Nugraha, Saito, Furukawa, LiChang

  12. 2009.8.7 @ 838 room For Stein-san and LiChang-san

    We have a party for Prof. LiChang-san from China and Stein-san from Germany.

    Left photo: From left, Eguchi, unknown (Stein's friend?), Mahabubul, Imura (Look left, Kuramoto G), Park, Furukawa, Prof. LiChang, Nakajima (back),

    Right photo: From left, Mahabubul,

    Right photo: From left, Mahabubul, Ivan (Kuramoto G, Columbia), Stein

  13. 2009.3.28 @ 838 room For Sato-san's Ph. D

    We have a party for Sato-san who got Ph. D.

    Left photo: From left, Park, Fawei (China), Sato, Mahabubul, Takagi, Nugraha, Furukawa, Izumida

    Right photo: From left, Fawei, Sato, Mahabubul, Takagi, Furukawa, Izumida

  14. 2008.9.24 @ Fukuseimon For Sasaki-san

    We have a party for Sasaki-san who will move to Hiroshima Univ.

    Left photo: From front Sasaki, 2nd line from left Sumino, Park, Ms. Izuminda and daughter, Ms. Sasaki and daughter, Saito, 3rd line from left, Imura, Nakajima, Izumida, Nomura, Furukawa

    Right photo: From left, Imura, Furukawa, Park, Nomura, Sato

  15. 2007.11.08 @ For Eduardo-san

    We have a party for Eduardo-san who will go back to Brazil.

    Left photo: From Left, Nomura, Saito, Eduardo, Sumino, Suzuki (back), Park, Izumida, Sato

    Right photo: From left, Eduardo, Suzuki

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