Saito Group Hiking (2011-)

We made a half day hiking to the small mountains called Satoyama (里山) in Sendai since 2011 after the earthquake. (Click photo for expansion).

  1. 2016.11.5 Teguramori yama (手倉森山 200m)

    We went to Teguramoriyama (手倉森山) which is placed in Zao. We can see a nice panorama view from the top of the mountain. The course we passed through was a beginner one and it took only 2 hours.

    (left: Otakayama Shrine(大高山神社) Nugraha, LiChang, Shoufie, Kazu, Saito, Pratama, Teng Yang, Sato)
    (right: Top of the mountain front: Teng Yang, Kazu, Nugraha, LiChang,Shoufie back:Tatsumi, Sato, Pratama, Saito)

  2. 2014.5.17 Hachikura yama (蜂倉山 289m) Nadekura yama (撫倉山 359m)

    We went Nanatu-mori (七つ森) place which is 20km north from Sendai city. Starting from the parking place near the water dam, we climed up Hachikura yama and then Nadekura yama. From the top of Nadekura yama, we can see a nice view of East and South even to Sendai city area. On the way back, we lost the way and the hiking course is not so easy. Thus it take 5 hours and half.

    (left: Shirakura, Okuyama, Mizuno, Sato, Inoue, Hasdeo, Siregar, Shouhie, Nugraha)
    (right: Fhoufie, Nugraha, Saito, Siregar, Sirakura, Mizuno, Hasdeo, Inoue, Okuyama)

  3. 2013.5.25 Banzan (蕃山 356m) Narai-Banzan (西風蕃山, 373m)

    We started from Ayashi Coop and climbed up Banzan (356m) and Narai-Banzan (西風蕃山, 372.5m). Stone lanterns at Banzan were collapsed by the earthquake. We tried to build it up but failed since it was very heavy and each stone blocks are connected by steel wire. Mizuno-kun is shining brightly like a god!

    (left: Saito, Thomas, Mizuno, Hasdeo, Tatsumi, Right: Mizuno, Tatsumi, Hasdeo, Thomas, Nugraha)

  4. 2012.5.19 Taihaku-san (太白山, 321m)

    Azuki-can and Prof. Rakimof, Saito's family joined the hiking to Taihaku-san. We parked the parking area near shrine (not Taihaku Sizenno mori) which is closer to the mountain. At the top area, the road is very steep. We found a nice view from the top. (by R. Saito).

    (Hasdeo, Sato, Azuki, Saito, Izumida, Yuri, Kumi, Rakimof, Tatsumi, Nugraha)

  5. 2011.5.14 Gongenmori-san (権現森山, 314m)

    After the earthquake, we decided to make a hiking around the sendai city area. Since the Taihaku-san was closed because of rocks at the top, we go to Gongenmori-san. We first went to the Pagoda at the top of Kunimi. Then we part cars at the swimming pool at Kuzuoka. The shrine of the top of the mountain was broken (by R. Saito).

    (Anton, Tapsanit, Tareque, Nugraha, Saito, Sato (not in the photo))

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