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Automatic Customization

Since AUC TeX is so highly customizable, it make sense that it is able to customize itself. The automatic customization consist of scanning TeX files and extracting symbols, environments, and things like that.

The automatic customization is done on three different levels. The global level is the level shared by all users at your site, and consist of scanning the standard TeX style files, and any extra styles added locally for all users on the site. The private level deals with those style files you have written for your own use, and use in different documents. You may have a `~/lib/TeX/' directory where you store useful style files for your own use. The local level is for a specific directory, and deals with writing customization for the files for your normal TeX documents.

If you compare with the environment variable TEXINPUTS, the global level correspond to the directories built into TeX. The private level correspond to the directories you add yourself, except for `.', which is the local level.

By default AUC TeX will search for customization files in all the global, private, and local style directories, but you can also set the path directly. This is useful if you for example want to add another persons style hooks to your path. Please note that all matching files found in TeX-style-path are loaded, and all hooks defined in the files will be executed.

User Option: TeX-style-path

List of directories to search for AUC TeX style files. Each must end with a slash.

By default, when AUC TeX search a directory for files, it will recursively search through subdirectories.

User Option: TeX-file-recurse

If not nil, search TeX directories recursively.

By default, AUC TeX will ignore files name `.', `..', `SCCS', `RCS', and `CVS'.

User Option: TeX-ignore-file

Regular expression matching file names to ignore.

These files or directories will not be considered when searching for TeX files in a directory.

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