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How do I submit code to the Emacs Lisp Archive?

Submissions should be mailed to elisp-archive@cis.ohio-state.edu. The lispdir.el package has a function named submit-lcd-entry which will help you with this. Mail messages (submissions) are automatically saved and periodically archived. Urgent mail may be sent directly to Dave Sill <de5@ornl.gov> or Dave Brennan <brennan@hal.com> or should contain the string `urgent' in the subject. The incoming ftp directory is no longer available at the request of Ohio State. {Is this still true?}

However, if someone has a submission with multiple files (which would be archived as a tar file) or binary files, then FTP transfer is preferred and can be arranged via an anonymous FTP site. This is faster than uudecoding, unsharing, etc., and re-packaging files.

Before submitting anything, please read the file guidelines.Z, which is available in the archive. Whenever possible, submissions should contain a complete LCD entry since this helps reduce administrative overhead for the maintainers. You can include an entry in this format:

  ;; LCD Archive Entry:
  ;; package name|author's name|email address
  ;; |description
  ;; |date|version|archive path

For example:

  ;; LCD Archive Entry:
  ;; tex-complete|Sebastian Kremer|sk@thp.Uni-Koeln.DE
  ;; |Minibuffer name completion for editing [La]TeX.
  ;; |91-03-26|$Revision: 1.12 $|~/packages/tex-complete.el.Z

Dave Brennan has software which automatically looks for data in this format. The format is fairly flexible. The entry ends when a line is reached with a different prefix or the seventh field terminator is seen.

If you are submitting a multi-file submission you should include a file named "LCD-entry" which contains the archive entry, instead of placing it in one or more of the individual files.

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