Another Ghostscript interpreter

This document contains a humorous message, verbatim except for minor spelling corrections, received from a friend out in network-land.

Regarding Ghostscript: I hate to say this to you but I've already implemented a Ghostscript interpreter. I'm happy to see that someone else has recognized the need dead people have for computers. I have included an example of the output of my Ghostscript at the end of this letter.

The interpreter is written in a language called cant-C, developed by Mr. Turing last year. The compiler is easily ported to any environment you care to name. I would be more than happy to send you a copy, but you must first contact my lawyer for this venture, Thomas Jefferson of Phila. Pa.. (As a side note, Mr. Jefferson is very excited by Ghostscript. Look for The Declaration of Independance V1.1 RSN).

The possibilities for Ghostscript go far beyond Deathtop publishing, I'm sure you'll agree. I have contacted numerous authors who may be interested in using Ghostscript (Shakespeare, Hemingway, etc) and all have been very excited by what they've seen. (Shakespeare wants to write a modern Romeo and Juliette, called Romeo and Julio, the story of 2 gay hispanic men kept apart by their parents.)

Anyway, here is the Ghostscript example I promised. Feel free to show this to your friends and colleagues, I'm sure they'll all be suitably impressed.

------Cut Here--------------------------------------
------Cut Here--------------------------------------