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Known Problems

    Here are some of the problems of the current version:

Correctness and Efficiency  
The translator cannot be guaranteed to perform as expected. Several aspects of the implementation need optimization and improvement. Apart from possible bugs the translator may place heavy demands on your resources.
Unrecognized Commands and Environments  
Unrecognized commands are ignored and any arguments are left in the text. Unrecognized environments are passed to LaTeX and the result is included in the document as one or more inlined images.
References in environments that are passed to LaTeX for processing (e.g. a cite, or a ref command), are not processed correctly. label commands are handled correctly.
Order Sensitive Commands
Commands which affect global parameters during the translation, and are sensitive to the order in which they are processed may not be handled correctly. In particular, counter manipulation (e.g. newcounter, setcounter, stepcounter, etc) commands may cause problems.
The translator generates its own index by saving the arguments of the index command. The contents of the theindex environment are ignored.
New Definitions 
New definitions ( newcommand, newenvironment, newtheorem and def), will not work as expected if they are defined more than once. Only the last definition will be used throughout the document.
Scope of declarations and environments
If the scope of a declaration or environment crosses section boundaries, then the output may not be as expected, because each section is processed independently.

Riichiro Saito
1995年08月30日(水) 09時35分08秒 JST