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Adding Support for Specific Style Files

  LaTeX2HTML provides a mechanism where code to translate specific style files is automatically loaded if such code is available. When the use of a style file such as german.sty is detected in a LaTeX source document, the translator looks for a file LATEX2HTMLDIR/styles/german.perl. If one is found, then it will be loaded into the main script.

This mechanism will help to keep the core script smaller as well as make it easier for others to contribute and share solutions on how to translate specific style files. The current distribution includes the files german.perl, french.perl, html.perl and makeidx.perl.

The problem however, is that writing such extensions requires an understanding of Perl and of the way LaTeX2HTML is organized. More user-friendly interfaces will be investigated.

At the moment a rudimentary mechanism is provided so that a user can ask for particular commands and their arguments either to be ignored or passed on to LaTeX for processing (the default behavior for unrecognized commands is for their arguments to remain in the HTML text). Commands that are passed on to LaTeX are converted to images which are either ``inlined'' in the main document or become accessible via hypertext links. Simple extensions using the commands above may be included in the LATEX2HTMLDIR/latextohtml.config file or in each personal HOME/.latex2html-init initialization file.

Riichiro Saito
1995年08月30日(水) 09時35分08秒 JST