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Filling Cited Text

Supercite provides some paragraph filling functions and will automatically fill paragraphs as they are cited, when the variable sc-auto-fill-region-p is non-nil (the default value). There are other packages freely available which work quite well when filling paragraphs of the non-nested citation style (and probably better than supercite's built-in functions!) so supercite calls the filling function via the hook sc-fill-paragraph-hook. The default is for supercite to call the function sc-fill-paragraph.

You can also have supercite query you before filling each paragraph in the cited region. This would be useful for citing an article with mixed code and text, where you would want to fill the text regions but not the code regions. Set the variable sc-auto-fill-query-each-paragraph-p to non-nil (default value is nil) for this feature. Note that sc-auto-fill-region-p must be non-nil for query filling to work.

Note further that turning off auto-filling does not preclude you from manually filling each paragraph (see section Post-yank Formatting Commands).

Finally, supercite will collapse leading whitespace between the citation string and the text line when the variable sc-fixup-whitespace-p is non-nil. The default value for this variable is nil.

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