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How to Obtain TeX

TeX is freely redistributable. You can obtain TeX for Unix systems via anonymous ftp or on tape or CD-ROM. The core material consists of Karl Berry's web2c TeX package.

On-line retrieval instructions are in ftp.cs.umb.edu [] in `pub/tex/unixtex.ftp'

The Free Software Foundation provides a core distribution on its Source Code CD-ROM; the University of Washington maintains and supports a tape distribution.

For the FSF Source Code CD-ROM, please contact:

Free Software Foundation, Inc.
59 Temple Place Suite 330
Boston, MA   02111-1307

Telephone: +1--617--542--5942
Fax: (including Japan) +1--617--542--2652
Free Dial Fax (in Japan):
      0031--13--2473 (KDD)
      0066--3382--0158 (IDC)
Electronic mail: gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu                

To order a full distribution from the University of Washington on either a 1/4inch 4-track QIC-24 cartridge or a 4mm DAT cartridge, send $210.00 to:

Pierre A. MacKay
Department of Classics
DH-10, Denny Hall 218
University of Washington
Seattle, WA   98195

Telephone: +1--206--543--2268
Electronic mail: mackay@cs.washington.edu

Please make checks payable to the University of Washington. Checks must be in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank.

Prepaid orders are the only orders that can now be handled. Overseas sites: please add to the base cost, if desired, $20.00 for shipment via air parcel post, or $30.00 for shipment via courier.

Please check with the above for current prices and formats.

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