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Copyright Page and Permissions

By international treaty, the copyright notice for a book should be either on the title page or on the back of the title page. The copyright notice should include the year followed by the name of the organization or person who owns the copyright.

When the copyright notice is on the back of the title page, that page is customarily not numbered. Therefore, in Texinfo, the information on the copyright page should be within @titlepage and @end titlepage commands.

Use the @page command to cause a page break. To push the copyright notice and the other text on the copyright page towards the bottom of the page, you can write a somewhat mysterious line after the @page command that reads like this:

@vskip 0pt plus 1filll

This is a TeX command that is not supported by the Info formatting commands. The @vskip command inserts whitespace. The `0pt plus 1filll' means to put in zero points of mandatory whitespace, and as much optional whitespace as needed to push the following text to the bottom of the page. Note the use of three `l's in the word `filll'; this is the correct usage in TeX.

In a printed manual, the @copyright{} command generates a `c' inside a circle. (In Info, it generates `(C)'.) The copyright notice itself has the following legally defined sequence:

Copyright (C) year copyright-owner

It is customary to put information on how to get a manual after the copyright notice, followed by the copying permissions for the manual.

Note that permissions must be given here as well as in the summary segment within @ifinfo and @end ifinfo that immediately follows the header since this text appears only in the printed manual and the `ifinfo' text appears only in the Info file.

See section Sample Permissions, for the standard text.

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