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jLaTeX へのもう一つの取り込み方

本文中では,「psfig」を用いた取り込み方を紹介しましたが, これ以外に「psfig」や「special」を用いて取り込み方があります.それら の例として,tgif のソースに付随する「example.tex」を以下に引用しておき ます.

% @(#)$Header: /tmp_mnt/n/kona/tangram/u/william/X11/TGIF2/RCS/example.tex,v 2.0 91/03/05 12:50:47 william Exp $
Figure ¥ref{fig:psfig} is an example of a tgif ¥LaTeX¥,¥, figure printed with
the ``psfig'' macro.  As you can see, the figure fits nicely between the
surrounding text.
¥centerline{¥psfig{figure=an-sr-flip-flop.eps}¥ ¥¥ }
¥caption{Example Tgif Diagram Printed with ``psfig'' Macro.¥label{fig:psfig}}
The bounding box seems to be pretty tight.  In
Figure ¥ref{fig:epsf} below, the same figure is
generated with the ``epsf'' construct.
¥centerline{¥psfig{an-sr-flip-flop.eps}¥ ¥¥ }
¥caption{Example Tgif Diagram Printed with ``epsf'' Macro.¥label{fig:epsf}}
All these are just trying the illustrate that the bounding boxes
generated by tgif is pretty tight, and there's really no need for
the ``psfile'' construct.  I don't know if there are cases where
some documentation generation software only supports the ``psfile''
construct, but I an putting in the example anyways.

Figure ¥ref{fig:psfile} is an example of a tgif ¥LaTeX¥,¥, figure
printed with the ``psfile'' macro.  Notice the ¥¥ rule command.
¥special{psfile="an-sr-flip-flop.eps" hoffset=-40}
¥caption{Example Tgif Diagram Printed with ``psfile'' Macro.¥label{fig:psfile}}
It is reserving a space of 1.1 inch for the figure.  This can
be figured out from the ruler within tgif.  As a general rule,
the ``psfile'' construct should be avoided.

Riichiro Saito
1995年08月30日(水) 12時14分32秒 JST