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Modes in VIP

VIP has 4 modes, Emacs, Vi, Insert, Replace.

`Emacs mode'
This is the mode Emacs is normally in. After you have loaded vip, C-z will take you to Vi mode. Another C-z will take you back to Emacs mode. This toggle key can be changed, see section Customization. You can also type M-x vip-mode to change to Vi mode.
`Vi mode'
This is the VI command mode. Any of the VI i, o, a ... etc. commands will take you to Insert mode. All VI commands may be used in this mode. Most EX commands can also be used.
`Insert mode'
Insert mode is the VI insertion mode. ESC will take you back to Vi mode. Insert mode editing can be done, including autoindentation. By default, VIP disables Emacs keybindings in Insert mode.
`Replace mode'
Commands like cw invoke the Replace mode. When you cross the `$' sign, or when you type ESC, it will automatically change to Insert mode. You do not have to worry about it. The key bindings remain the same as Insert mode. It is invoked for internal use, and serves as a reminder to the user.

The modes are indicated on the mode line, so that the multiple modes do not confuse you. Most of your editing can be done in Vi and Insert modes. VIP will try to make all new buffers be in Vi mode, but sometimes they will come up either in Emacs mode, or their own major modes. C-z will take you to Vi mode in such a case.

Modes in VIP are orthogonal to Emacs major modes, such as C mode or Dired mode. You can turn VIP on and off for any Emacs mode. When VIP is turned on, Vi mode can be used to move around. In Insert mode, the bindings for these modes can be accessed. By default, these bindings are suppressed in Insert mode, so that a new user is not confused by the Emacs modes. Note that unless you turn the bindings on in Insert mode, you cannot do interesting things like language sensitive editing. See section Customization, to find out how to do this.

Now for the details of these modes.

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