Set the display of the status bar, tool bar, locator bar, and properties associated with the display of the pointer position in the Locator bar.

Set properties associated with the display of the pointer position in the locator bar.

The choice item at the top of the popup, Locator: ON/OFF toggles the continuous update of the pointer as it moves across the drawing area. Locator display type is a choice item the sets the display of the position. There are several options:

The next two categories in the popup set the format and fixed point positions for each coordinate direction and, as they are identical, only setting the format and position of X is described here. The description for Y is identical save that ordinate is replaced by abscissa.

Format X: is a choice item selecting the format of the display of the X position of the pointer. There are several selections here:

The Date format requires that the axis be scaled with respect to the long form of the Julian date. The Degrees format is for latitude and longitude. Below the equator latitudes are negative. Longitude is assumed positive east of Greenwich and negative to the west.

Precision X: sets the number of places to display to the right of the decimal point.

Fixed point X: defines the position of the ordinate of the Locator fixed point.

If everything looks OK, click on Accept to register the selections, Reset to restore the startup values, and Close to close the popup.