Bus information by the visitor

2005.8.10 by M. A. Pimenta Bus number is updated 2006.4.27

It is very easy to take a bus to go from the Sendai city center to the Aoba-yama campus. You can take the bus in diferent stops at the Aoba street. The buses that go to;the Aoba-yama campus are

Bus numbers 719, 710, 713, 715

The number of the bus is on the left hand side of the pannel just in front of the bus (see photo). When the bus starts to go up to the montain (the Aoba-yama campus is an a mountain, since yama means moountain in japanese), there is an Y in the street.

The bus # 719 takes the right leg of this Y and go directly to the Faculty of Sciences (Riga Kubo). The driver will announce the stop of the Faculty of Sciences.

The buses # 710, 713 and 715 take the left leg of the Y and will not go to the Faculty of Science. They will go in the direction of the Faculty of Engeneering. You should then get off the bus in the second stop after the Faculty of Engennering, and walk in the opposite direction of that the bus will follow. You will just walk about 250 m and will arrive in the Faculty of Sciences.

In order to pay the bus, there are two possibilities: you can by a card at the Coop and insert your card in the green box near the entrance door of the bus (see photo), and insert it again in the exit door of the bus. If you don't have card, you need to take a small piece of paper in the red box near the entrance door of the bus (see photo), and insert this paper in the box near the exit door of the bus, and pay the ammount to the driver.

From; Aoba street to ;the faculty of Science you will pay about 220 Yen. If you don't have exactly 220 Yen, don't worry. Near the exit door there is a machine which will change for you bills or higher coins. Insert the bill or the coin in this machine, collect the set of coins, pay the driver, and go directly to work, because probably you are late...

For going back from tha Faculty of Sciences to the center city of Sendai, you just need to take the bus that is going down the hill. In this case, don't worry about tha number of the bus. All of them will go to Aoba street.