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Welcome to this page. This page is a small gate for entering carbon nanotube. This page is personally used for not forgetting the important sites.

Journal open to public
Focus on Carbon Nanotubes
"Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes" (1998, Imperial College Press)
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Publication lists (Part of lists are written in japanese and not accepted yet.)
The Nanotube Site ( by David Tomanek)
R. Saito@ResearcherID.com
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WWW sites selected by Prof. Maruyama
R. Saito@Google Scholar
Pov Ray program for nanotube (by Florian Simon, Tohoku Univ.)
Java program for nanotube coordinates (by Zhao Ming, HKUST)
Nanotube site by Kim Hyun-Jin in Korean language)
rsaito@flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp Riichiro Saito