The documents required by the administration for your travel to Tohoku University.                                                                   


2008/01/30 Ver. 1.00  By. Y. Wako and R. Saito


Hi. Thank you for your coming to Sendai, Tohoku University, Japan.


Followings are the information and documentation required by the administration office of Tohoku University to support your travel expenses from Tohoku University. Japan is a strict country for the administration. In Japan, the earlier you move, the cheaper you pay and the larger you save. If you do not give us the information sufficient early, you might not even get the travel expense. Thus please keep in touch with your host professor frequently for not losing the support. Especially we kindly request you to reserve a discount tickets of the air plane three months before. If you need to the visa, a more complicated process is required, and thus you should fix the schedule at least three month before.


1. If you come to Sendai by your research money, we do not need any requests of documents for you. We will ask you some personal information (Name, Affiliation, Title etc.) if you are requested for the registration in the department as a visiting scientist (generally a longer stay more than 10 days). If you wish to stay in Tohoku University guest house (Katahira-Kaikan) up to 5 days, you may ask the personal information, too, at least one-month before with the above information (2,400yen per night. No food and no internet. Many rules but quiet and convenient) Your host professor will pay for you for temporally but you need to give him the cost after your arriving at Sendai.


2. If you come to Sendai by our research money, you need to give us the following administrative information very early time before coming. If you finish to send all ormation at least one-month before your starting to travel, you can get the money after your arriving in cash. If you gave us two-weeks before, you can get the money after your sending the boarding pass of trip back to Sendai by remitting the cost to your bank account. Please allow us to have more than one month for finishing the remittance process. If you do not give us the information before your coming, you simply lose the money.


0. Up to three months before,


Discuss with the host professors for the schedule of the visit. Contact with your travel agency for the price of the air tickets. Some e-mail conversation


A. Up to One month before.


A-1 <<information>> Please e-mail to Ms. Wako( ) if your host professor is R. Saito and when you are negociating with him for the schedule of the visit (from one year before to two month before)..

a.      A name, a title and name of your travel approver (Authority)

b.      brief CV ( please fill in the form.) (If you do not send this, the expense will be estimated to be the lowest class. The travel expense depend on the academic experience. )

c.       the following information is only for remittance

c-1. your Bank name

c-2. the branch name

c-3. address of the branch

c-4. ABA No. / IBAN Code / SWIFT Code

c-5. name of the account holder

c-6. account Name

c-7. account Number

c-8. mailing address for the remittance advice


A-2  <<Documentation>>

1: Please fax or e-mail scanned files to Ms. Wako( FAX:+81 22 795 6447 / )

- by one month prior to commencement of travel to receive in cash@in Sendai

- by two weeks prior to commencement of travel for remittance after your returning to your country

1-1. mail of acceptance to a mail from the host.

1-2. copy of a reciept of your air tickets

1-3. copy of your itinerary issued by the travel agent/airline company

1-4. copy of your air ticketsionly when invited by the COEj


B. Before your starting your place, please check this.


When you arrive at Sendai, please hand to your host researcher or Ms. Wako at your arrival.

2-1. original boarding pass stub on the way to Sendai

2-2. original reciept of your air tickets.

2-3. original itinerary issued by the travel agent/airline company.


You will get the money during your visit. If the payment of Tohoku University, the host professor might pay some costs before your getting the travel expense. Thus you do not need to bring a lot of money with you.


C. After your going back to your country,


Please airmail to the adderss below when return home.

3-1. original homeward boarding pass stub

@@@@   To: Ms. Yoko Wako

Graduate school of Science, Tohoku University



Since you are generally busy after your going back to your country, you may very often forget to send the boarding pass. Then you and your host professor will be in trouble. Please do not forget this.


Please have a nice trip and enjoy the visit to Sendai.