M. Shoufie Ukhtary

Hello, my name is Muhammad Shoufie Ukhtary (Passport name), but you can call me Shoufie. I come from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. I am currently a final-year doctoral student in the Saito Lab, Theoretical Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group, Department of Physics, Tohoku University. My research interests are mainly on optical properties of novel materials, such as two-dimensional materials, dielectric metamaterials, and topological materials. In the past, I finished my undergraduate study at Brawijaya University in Indonesia.

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Spotlight paper!

Thanks God, my paper got spotlighted by APEX (Applied Physics Express) journal.
Thanks to all my co-authors for the collaborations!
Here are the links for the news:

"Link to spotlight paper of APEX Journal"

"Link to News in Department of Physics, Graduate school of science "

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Contact Me!

You can contact me using this email:
muhamadukhtary(at)gmail(dot)com or shoufie(at)flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp.