PXE Server Configuration

PXE Client Configuration

Do the following in Server machine

# mkdir /nfsboot/root
# rsync -v -a \
--exclude='/proc/*' --exclude='/sys/*' --exclude='/dev/*'\
--exclude='/media/*'   --exclude='/tmp/*' --exclude='/misc/*'\
--exclude='/nfsboot/*' / /nfsboot/root
(the above command will copy all system files and all application software installed into /nfsboot/root directory).
# mkdir /nfsboot/snapshot
# system-config-netboot or GNOME System - Administration - Network Booting Service
# Click Diskless button for the first time 
# Diskless identifier windows starts 
# Give any name of your system (say Fedora64)
# Write relevant description
# Click Next button (forward button)
# Click on NEW button of this window
# Give an IP address of client (say
# Select OS name as Fedora64 from drop-down menu
# Click OK
# emacs /etc/hosts
# Add a line to give the host name of your Client
#  tube31  sys31 (any of the names will be used as host name)
# Save and quite
# emacs /etc/dhcp.config b(add the para in this file
# host tube31 or sys31 {                                             
             hardware ethernet 00:30:48:d4:a9:7c; (this is MAC address of Client)
             fixed-address; (Client's IP address)            
             filename "/linux-install/pxelinux.0";

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Last-modified: 2009-06-09 (Tue) 02:31:11