* Tian Yuan's visit to Rice University [#y6c45cbd]

** Last update: 2022.2.9 by Tian [#a9701c0f]
+The experiment with Iihama-sensei on 2/8:
++ By using the kretschmann configuration, we try to use measure the spin current generated by the surface plasmon on a gold --> continue the experiment on Wednesday.

+ Fourth day's discussion with Iihama-sensei:
++ Second measurement of Py-Pt layer
++ Explain an calculate the Inverse Faraday effect with Iihama-sensei have problem. 

+ Third day's discussion with Iihama-sensei:
++ By using the magneto Kerr effect, we are measuring the spin injection of a Py-Pt layer
++ Explaining what is surface plasmon and the ways to excite surface plasmon

+ Second day's discussion with Iihama-sensei:
++ Introduction of the experiment layout,
++ The detection of Spin Current by Inverse Kerr Effect.
++ Experiment starts tomorrow.

+ First day's discussion with Iihama-sensei:
++ Methods to excite edge plasmon,
++ Inverse Faraday Effect,
++ Interaction of circularly polarized light with material: spin transfer torque and field induced torque?

** Flight Information [#u4ecb233]
*** UA6, departing Narita 5:10 pm Mar 1st 2022, arriving IA.Houston 2:00 pm Mar 1st 2022 [#eeccf389]
*** UA7, departing IA.Houston 11:10 am Aug 30st 2022, arriving Narita 2:20 pm Aug 31st 2022 [#iab1abeb]

** Real Estate company in Japan [#a71b1478]
*** Name プランドホーム Telephone number 022-211-9321, contact person [#kb7dabbe]

** Apartment in Rice [#ea1508c4]
*** Address, information [#wfed0fa9]
++ Applying for Ventana at Midtown, waiting for reply.
++ Address 4001 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77004. Waiting for reply on Saturday

** Iihama-sensei's project [#p31359f0]
*** Apply for key of AIMR [#f7edf38f]
*** Video watch and test taken, Waiting reply from AIMR. [#xec48108]
++ Mail sent to AIMR-Safty, waiting for reply.
*** Download Paper on Ilhama-sensei's work and make report before 1.28 [#n4c63408]
*** Phone number of Iihama-sensei to stay in contact: 022-217-6003 for Mizukami lab. [#ff58eb6f]
*** [Done] 2022.1.24 Report on the zoom meeting [#pb29838b]
*** [Done] 2022.1.24 1:30pm Zoom meeting for discussion [#w44aa1cf]
*** 2021.1.31 2pm at North gate [#db49ab71]
*** 2022.1.31-2.12 Lab visit and experiment [#f13e9cbd]

** Date: 2022.3.1-2022.8.30 [#daa2f3c0]

** Junichiro Kono' Lab at Rice University, Texas, USA [#xbcf6c6a]

This page is for Tian-san to visit Rice University from March 1st to Aug. 30th, 2022.
In order to check each step correctly, we will report here all information.

*** OwlId is R-C2708984. NetID is yt51. [#d8f5356b]
*** OwlId is R-C2708984. NetID is yt51. [#x0252ecd]

** What Tian-san should do (from new to the past) [#d4e201d7]

*** Updated by Tian on Jan. 26th 20:03 [#sfcb6eaf]

+ Flight to Houston: UA6, departing Narita 5:10 pm Mar 1st 2022, arriving IA.Houston 2:00 pm Mar 1st 2022
+ Flight back Tokyo: UA7, departing IA.Houston 11:10 am Aug 30st 2022, arriving Narita 2:20 pm Aug 31st 2022 

+ Test the portable WIFI.
+ [Done] Register the eduroam, (Registered, test connection on 2022/1/28). 
+ Health insurance https://oiss.rice.edu/scholarhealthinsurance and apartment in Texas.
++ Email sent to OISS Rice university, Three possible outcomes: 1. Fudaikaigaku is viable 2. By purchasing more insurance plans from JEES, a combined insurance plan is viable 3. Find cheaper plans in US. 
++ Futai Kaigaku not possible, Apply for cheaper plan in US: ISI Protect. Wait for confirm from Rice Univ.
+ Find the apartment in Texas and report.
++ No room at Rice graduate school or Rice village apartment, Mail sent third real estate company, Waiting for reply.
+ [DONE at 1/26]Enroll insurance for 7month (58,760JPY)(Tian will submit the information to the insurance company.)
++ Kaigaku need joining the Kakenhi, Tian will pay the Kakenhi and submit the document on 24th Jan.
++ Kakenhi was paid on 24th Jan. Document of Kaigaku submitted, the paycheck will arrive on 1.26. Pay at the post office after that.
+ [DONE]Report the flight information to JTB and Takahasi-san (Done on 2022.1.21 By Saito-sensei)
++ Flight was decided: 1st Mar. UA6 and 30th Aug UA7. Saito-sensei paid the ticket.
+ Set bank transer for the payment of apartment (not yet)
++ Bank auto transfer will be set on 27th Jan.
+ Stop gas and water during the visit. but Do not stop electricity (not yet.)
+ Covid certificate when Tian goes to Narita (informed by Takahasi)

+ [Done] Using the document, get visa of USA (done on 2021.12.28 by Y. T. $200) 
+ [Done] Ask a document of visit to Rice University (done on 2021.11 by R. Saito, $300) 
+ Contact to Prof. Kono (done on 2021.11 by R. Saito) Done

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