[[Saito Group (Open)]]

*  ICSD Inorganic Crystal Structure Database [#n062621c]

**Licensed Database (We have the license and we can access from the LAN of the departement) of Inorganic Crystal Structure. [#eee2662a]

?Web page: https://icsd.fiz-karlsruhe.de/search/basic.xhtml;jsessionid=4B7D7F9630377BAA2D9CDED30CC5AB76)
Web page: https://icsd.fiz-karlsruhe.de/search/basic.xhtml;jsessionid=4B7D7F9630377BAA2D9CDED30CC5AB76)

* How to use for MoSe2 [#d6e2d4cb]

+Accesss to ICSD
+Select Composition box and select Mo and Se in the periodic table.
+Back to the main window and put 3 in the box of "Number of Elements"
+Click "Run query" Buttom
+The list of database. Download cif file to the Desktop.
+You can also download detail information by check the box of database and "show detail".

* Download VESTA and run VESTA.exe for 3D view of structure [#e445c2ce]

+ VESTA:  http://jp-minerals.org/vesta/jp/
+ Put the cif file to the window.
+ Select "Utility" tab and select "Powder Diffraction Pattern"
+ Push "Calculate" button in the popup "powder diffraction pattern" window

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