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This chapter explains how to use Calc and its many features, in a step-by-step, tutorial way. You are encouraged to run Calc and work along with the examples as you read (see section Starting Calc). If you are already familiar with advanced calculators, you may wish to skip on to the rest of this manual.

This tutorial describes the standard user interface of Calc only. The "Quick Mode" and "Keypad Mode" interfaces are fairly self-explanatory. See section Embedded Mode, for a description of the "Embedded Mode" interface.

The easiest way to read this tutorial on-line is to have two windows on your Emacs screen, one with Calc and one with the Info system. (If you have a printed copy of the manual you can use that instead.) Press M-# c to turn Calc on or to switch into the Calc window, and press M-# i to start the Info system or to switch into its window.

This tutorial is designed to be done in sequence. But the rest of this manual does not assume you have gone through the tutorial. The tutorial does not cover everything in the Calculator, but it touches on most general areas.

The Calc Summary at the end of the reference manual includes some blank space for your own use. You may wish to keep notes there as you learn Calc.

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