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Calc 2.02 comes as a set of GNU Emacs Lisp files, with names like `calc.el' and `calc-ext.el', and also as a `calc.texinfo' file which can be used to generate both on-line and printed documentation.

To install Calc, just follow these simple steps. If you want more information, each step is discussed at length in the sections below.

  1. Change (`cd') to the Calc "home" directory. This directory was created when you unbundled the Calc `.tar' or `.shar' file.
  2. Type `make' to install Calc privately for your own use, or type `make install' to install Calc system-wide. This will compile all the Calc component files, modify your `.emacs' or the system-wide `lisp/default' file to install Calc as appropriate, and format the on-line Calc manual. Both variants are shorthand for the following three steps: The Unix make utility looks in the file `Makefile' in the current directory to see what Unix commands correspond to the various "targets" like install or public. If your system doesn't have make, you will have to examine the `Makefile' and type in the corresponding commands by hand.
  3. If you ever move Calc to a new home directory, just give the `make private' or `make public' command again in the new directory.
  4. Test your installation as described at the end of these instructions.
  5. (Optional.) To print a hardcopy of the Calc manual (over 500 pages) or just the Calc Summary (about 20 pages), follow the instructions under "Printed Documentation" below.

Calc is now installed and ready to go!

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