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D-4: Some functions work fine with Nemacs, but they show the message

 "Symbol's function definition is void: define-program-kanji-code" and
 abort.How can I fix this?

Atsushi Furuta <furuta@srarc2.sra.co.jp> writes:

  define-program-kanji-code is specific to Nemacs, so you have to
  modify it to make such functions run on Mule.
  define-program-coding-system is the counterpart in Mule.  For
      (define-program-kanji-code nil ".*inc.*" 2)
  should be replaced by
      (define-program-coding-system nil ".*inc.*" *junet*)
  Many functions called "kanji-code-xxx" are changed to
  "coding-system-xxx" in Mule.  A variable "kanji-flag" is renamed
  to "mc-flag" in Mule.

Fortunately, a package has been written to make Nemacs oriented codes work in Mule. Ken'ichi Handa <handa@etl.go.jp> writes:

  From: handa@etlken.etl.go.jp (Kenichi Handa)        		
  Newsgroups: fj.editor.mule,fj.editor.emacs        			
  Subject: nemacs -> mule        					
  Message-ID: <HANDA.93Oct15215300@etlken.etl.go.jp>        		
  Date: 15 Oct 93 21:53:00 GMT        				
  With the help of members of our mailing list, I have written a
  simple package which makes the shift from Nemacs to Mule easy.
  First, install the two elisp file below in your load-path.  Then
  modify your .emacs as follows.  Your configuration for Mule will
  be the same as that of your Nemacs:
      (load-library "nemacs-pre")        				
      ... your original .emacs comes here ...        			
      (load-library "nemacs-post")        				
  The above modification, of course, does not harm the usage of
  This package is not yet complete, so please send your requests
  like "how can I modify my Nemacs oriented configuration so and so
  for Mule?"        							

Both nemacs-pre.el and nemacs-post.el are available via anonymous FTP from etlport.etl.go.jp:/pub/mule/contrib/lisp.

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