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Where is an Emacs that can handle Semitic (right-to-left) alphabets?

Joel M. Hoffman <joel@wam.umd.edu> writes:

  A couple of years ago a wrote a hebrew.el file that allows right-to-left
  editing of Hebrew.  I relied on the hardware to display the Hebrew
  letters, given the right codes, but not for any right-to-left support;
  the hardware also doesn't have to send any specific char. codes.  Emacs
  keeps track of when the user is typing Hebrew vs. English.  (The VT-*
  terminals in Israel contain built-in support for Hebrew.)
  To get it to work I had to modify only a few lines of GNU Emacs's source
  code -- just enough to make it 8-bit clean.
  [and in a separate message:]
  It doesn't produce time-order ["sefer" format] (I wouldn't recommend
  trying that with emacs, because converting time-order to screen-order
  with arbitrarily long lines is a bit tricky), but I also concocted a
  quick filter to convert screen-order into time-order.  I'll be happy to
  send you the requisite files if you want them.  If you're using it for
  anything large, however, you'll want something that works better.

Joel Hoffman has also written a "bi-directional bi-lingual Emacs-like" editor for MS-DOS named Ibelbe (Itty Bitty Emacs-Like Bidirectional Editor). Ibelbe is written in Turbo Pascal and comes with source code. Here is the description:

  Ibelbe looks like emacs (it even has a minibuffer and filename
  completion), and fully supports both right-to-left and left-to-right
  editing.  Other than an EGA monitor or better, no special hardware is
  required.  You will need an EGA Hebrew font to use Ibelbe with Hebrew.

Anonymous FTP:


Joseph Friedman <yossi@deshaw.com, yossi@Neon.Stanford.EDU> has written patches for Emacs 18.55 and 18.58 that provide Semitic language support under X Windows.

Warren Burstein <warren@itex.jct.ac.il> says he has mapped 7-bit keys by modifying self-insert-command "for Hebrew input on 7-bit keyboards".

A good suggestion is to query archie for files named with `hebrew'.

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