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Reading Digest Articles

Digest article is a message containing many messages in digest format. Since a digest article contains many messages in one article, it is a little bit difficult to read it on a per message basis. The following commands make it easier to read each message in a digest.

C-c C-n
Scroll to the next digest message of the current article (gnus-Subject-next-digest).
C-c C-p
Scroll to the previous digest message of the current article (gnus-Subject-prev-digest).
Read the current digest article using Rmail (gnus-Subject-rmail-digest).

The commands C-c C-n and C-c C-p (gnus-Subject-next-digest and gnus-Subject-prev-digest) scroll a digest article to the next and previous digested message, respectively. The variable gnus-digest-separator specifies a regexp which separates digested messages.

The command C-d (gnus-Subject-rmail-digest) runs Rmail on a digest article and makes it possible to read messages not in digest form using Rmail Mode. See Info file `emacs', node `Rmail', for more information on Rmail Mode. Use the hook gnus-Select-article-hook to run Rmail on digest articles automatically.

Digest articles in some newsgroups of USENET cannot be read using Rmail. In this case, a message `Article is not a digest' is displayed in the echo area of Emacs. This means that these articles are not written in the proper digest format. It is, however, possible to read these incomplete digest articles by modifying the message headers or bodies appropriately using the hook gnus-Select-digest-hook. See section Function Hooks, to modify incomplete digest articles.

If the variable gnus-digest-show-summary is non-nil, a summary of the digest article is also displayed automatically when Rmail is invoked.

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