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Performing Backups and Restoring Files

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.* dumps
. + what are dumps

. + different levels of dumps
.  - full dump = dump everything
.  - level 1, level 2 dumps etc, -
	A level n dump dumps everything changed since the last level
	n-1 dump (?)

. + how to use scripts for dumps  (ie, the concept)
.  - scripts to run after editing backup specs (details)

. + Backup Specs, what is it.  
.  - how to customize
.  - actual text of script  [/sp/dump/backup-specs]

. + Problems
.  - rsh doesn't work
.  - rtape isn't installed
.  - (others?)

. + the --incremental option of tar

. + tapes 
.  - write protection
.  - types of media
.   : different sizes and types, useful for different things
.  - files and tape marks
     one tape mark between files, two at end.  
.  - positioning the tape
     MT writes two at end of write, backspaces over one when writing again.  

To back up a file system means to create archives that contain all the files in that file system. Those archives can then be used to restore any or all of those files (for instance if a disk crashes or a file is accidently deleted). File system backups are also called dumps.

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