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Using the Restore Script

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To restore files that were archived using a scripted backup, use the restore script. The syntax for the script is:

where ***** are the file systems to restore from, and ***** is a regular expression which specifies which files to restore. If you specify --all, the script restores all the files in the file system.

You should start the restore script with the media containing the first volume of the archive mounted. The script will prompt for other volumes as they are needed. If the archive is on tape, you don't need to rewind the tape to to its beginning--if the tape head is positioned past the beginning of the archive, the script will rewind the tape as needed.

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, for a discussion of tape positioning.

If you specify `--all' as the files argument, the restore script extracts all the files in the archived file system into the active file system.

Warning:The script will delete files from the active file system if they were not in the file system when the archive was made.

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, for an explanation of how the script makes that determination.
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