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Listing Archive Members

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The `--list' (`-t') option will list the names of members of the archive. Name the members to be listed on the command line (to modify the way these names are interpreted,

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). If you name no members, then `--list' (`-t') will list the names of all the members of the archive.

To see more than just the names of the members, use the `--verbose' (`-v') option to cause tar to print out a listing similar to that of `ls -l'.

Listing the Contents of an Archive

`--list' (`-t') prints a list of the file names of the archive members on the standard output. If you specify file name arguments on the command line (or using the `--files-from=file-of-names' (`-T file-of-names') option,

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), only the files you specify will be listed, and only if they exist in the archive. Files not specified will be ignored, unless they are under a specific directory.

If you include the `--verbose' (`-v') option, tar prints an `ls -l' type listing for the archive.

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, for a description of the `--verbose' (`-v') option.

If the blocking factor of the archive differs from the default, tar reports this.

FIXME: xref Blocking Factor

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for a list of options which can be used to modify `--list' (`-t')'s operation.

This example prints a list of the archive members of the archive `stooges':

tar --list --file=stooges

tar responds:


This example generates a verbose list of the archive members of the archive file `dwarves', which has a blocking factor of two:

tar --list -v --file=blocks

tar responds:

tar: Blocksize = 2 records
-rw------- ringo/user 42 May   1 13:29 1990 .bashful
-rw-rw-rw- ringo/user 42 Oct   4 13:29 1990 doc
-rw-rw-rw- ringo/user 42 Jul  20 18:01 1969 dopey
-rw-rw---- ringo/user 42 Nov  26 13:42 1963 grumpy
-rw-rw-rw- ringo/user 42 May   5 13:29 1990 happy
-rw-rw-rw- ringo/user 42 May   1 12:00 1868 sleepy
-rw-rw-rw- ringo/user 42 Jul   4 17:29 1776 sneezy

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