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Recovering From Scarce Disk Space

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If a previous attempt to extract files failed due to lack of disk space, you can use `--starting-file=name' (`-K name') to start extracting only after file name when extracting files from the archive. This assumes, of course, that there is now free space, or that you are now extracting into a different file system.

`--starting-file=file name'
`-K file name'
Starts an operation in the middle of an archive. Use in conjunction with `--extract' (`-x') or `--list' (`-t').

If you notice you are running out of disk space during an extraction operation, you can also suspend tar, remove unnecessary files from the file system, and then restart the same tar operation. In this case, `--starting-file=name' (`-K name') is not necessary.

FIXME: xref --incremental,  xref --interactive,  xref --exclude

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