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Matching the Format Parameters

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Some format parameters must be taken into consideration when modifying an archive:

Compressed archives cannot be modified.

You have to specify the block size of the archive when modifying an archive with a non-default block size.

Multi-volume archives can be modified like any other archive. To add files to a multi-volume archive, you need to only mount the last volume of the archive media (and new volumes, if needed). For all other operations, you need to use the entire archive.

If a multi-volume archive was labeled using `--label=archive-label' (`-V archive-label') (

FIXME: pxref Archive Label
) when it was created, tar will not automatically label volumes which are added later. To label subsequent volumes, specify `--label=archive-label' (`-V archive-label') again in conjunction with the `--append' (`-r'), `--update' (`-u') or `--concatenate' (`-A') operation.
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