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The mt Utility

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You can use the mt utility to advance or rewind a tape past a specified number of archive files on the tape. This will allow you to move to the beginning of an archive before extracting or reading it, or to the end of all the archives before writing a new one.

FIXME: why isn't there an "advance 'til you find two tape marks together"? 

The syntax of the mt command is:

mt [-f tapename] operation [number]

where tapename is the name of the tape device, number is the number of times an operation is performed (with a default of one), and operation is one of the following:

FIXME: is there any use for record operations?

Writes number tape marks at the current position on the tape.

Moves tape position forward number files.

Moves tape position back number files.

Rewinds the tape. (Ignores number).

Rewinds the tape and takes the tape device off-line. (Ignores number).

Prints status information about the tape unit.
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If you don't specify a tapename, mt uses the environment variable TAPE; if TAPE does not exist, mt uses the device `/dev/rmt12'.

mt returns a 0 exit status when the operation(s) were successful, 1 if the command was unrecognized, and 2 if an operation failed.

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If you use `--extract' (`-x') with the `--label=archive-label' (`-V archive-label') option specified, tar will read an archive label (the tape head has to be positioned on it) and print an error if the archive label doesn't match the archive-name specified. archive-name can be any regular expression. If the labels match, tar extracts the archive.
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`tar --list --label' will cause tar to print the label.

FIXME: program to list all the labels on a tape?

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