If you use OutLook Express for sending e-mail


If you do not get any response of e-mail..

If you send an e-mail and you did not get the response, there are several possible reasons. If you use Outlook express without setting any options, please read following points.

We adoped "spam-assasin" for removing SPAM e-mails.

In order to reject SPAM (e-mail generated mainly by virus or annoying e-mail to the world) e-mails, we are using the software so called qmfilter.

Web (html) attached file is a condition for SPAM

Since most of SPAM e-mail is generated automatically by virus which uses outlook express (because amy Windows PC has this e-mail software), we rejected the e-mail if the e-mail has a html file.

Even though the users do not use Outlook express, virus can use it but the virus (and any biginners) do not generally change the options. As a default option, e-mail contains a Web (html) files. Thus it is very efficient for us to watch html files in e-mail for a reject condition. More than 50 e-mail per a day can be detected.

Please set no html file options !

If you use Outlook express,

run Outlook express -> Tool(T) -> Options(O) (Sorry the following picture is for Japanese language)

Select Send tab, check text format (P) from the default HTML format (H) and press Apply (A).

Send an e-mail to yourself to check that your e-mail does not have an attached html file.

If you intentionally want to send a html file,

Please send a URL of the Web page of

put a html file in not a attached form.

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